Save on Energy and Gas

Nu Energy Solutions LLC can help your business reduce costs by utilizing our alternative energy supplier program.  We offer consulting services to commercial and industrial accounts in deregulated markets throughout the United States.  We have wholesale contracts with various energy suppliers.  Our primary service is to select the best supplier that offers the best pricing options for your business.

Solar PV Systems for Commercial Customers

Nu Energy Solutions LLC means living in harmony with our surrounding environment. We are providers for business, industry, and agriculture agencies designed with one goal in mind: To deliver solar energy while benefiting the environment. Read More…

Energy Management Systems

Monitoring and controlling your existing energy usage is one of the first things you can do to control costs.  Often with a basic analysis of your existing system we can identify a simple solution involving the controlling of your heating, air conditioning, and lighting within your building or buildings. Read More…

Lighting and LEDs

LED lighting uses a significantly less energy to produce the same amount of light over traditional lighting. Nu Energy Solutions has the most technologically advanced solutions when it comes to lighting additions or retrofits in the country. Read More…



Licensed Energy Brokers in all deregulated states.

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