Nu Energy Solutions offers two options to help customers plan and execute energy efficiency projects to meet immediate and future energy needs.
Performance Contracting or Shared Savings – Many state and local government customers, businesses and institutions choose the one of these options to fund building improvements and achieve sustainability goals. With no capital required, the projects are supported entirely by the guaranteed energy savings over time – giving customers an avenue for payment and justification of their investment. In short, Performance Contracting and Shared savings programs guarantees returns while avoiding capital investments and associated financial risks.
Design/Build – Some organizations are fully capable of funding energy efficiency projects but need professional energy expertise and delivery experience to reach their efficiency goals.
From designing to installing to monitoring numerous projects Nu Energy Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations:

  • Identify steps for becoming more efficient
  • Increase profitability and budget control by reducing energy consumption
  • Implement simple cost avoidance measures to maximize savings, which can support other business priorities
  • Realize asset appreciation through facility modernization
  • Attain a more efficient load profile, which positively impacts the price of power
  • Avoid costly operation and maintenance associated with outdated equipment