Solar PV Systems for Commercial Customers

Nu Energy Solutions means living in harmony with our surrounding environment. We are providers for business, industry, and agriculture agencies designed with one goal in mind: to deliver the most solar energy possible while benefiting the environment.

Nu Energy Solutions have installed 102 systems in North American totaling 3.2 MW.

Nu Energy Solutions is driven to reduce or wipe out electricity costs. Our seasoned and skilled professionals are dedicated to deliver high quality, reliable systems. Nu Energy Solutions uses state-of-the-art solar products.


Our engineers analyze customer electricity usage and custom-design a solar system that will reduce or eliminate energy bills. Our research team ensures that all available incentives, grants, and rebates are applied to each project. Our engineers investigate site location and layout to ensure a safe OSHA compliant installation. Our sales team will work with your accountants to ensure maximum benefits.


Our engineers work closely with utilities to ensure proper guidelines and regulations are followed.

Our management team ensures project schedule, budget, and scope is met and informs key stake-holders with status reporting and metrics.

Our process team coordinates all submittals and approvals including interconnection applications, permits, inspections, and operating agreements ensuring timely completion of the project.


Our procurement team ensures shipping & handling, zoning clearances, and all necessary materials for the installation and eco-waste management. Our experienced electricians ensure a safe, timely, and quality installation with a record of zero OSHA incidents. Our installation is performed with minimal disruption to your business.


Our post-implementation team coordinates with the appropriate parties to facilitate the rebates and rewards process. Our post-implementation team monitors the solar system for errors and proactively takes measures to resolve them. Our post-implementation team enables Sunny Portal Web-box technology for easy customer observance of their solar system’s generation

Get the Nu Energy Solutions advantage for your solar installation. Learn about the benefits that come with having a reputable name backing your turn-key solar implementation. For more information contact us at 419-517-1797.

Number of Solar PV systems Installed & currently operating 102

Number of repeat customers 13 repeat customers

(With at least additional Solar PV systems later installed)

Total kilowatts of Solar PV installed and currently operating 2,000 Kilowatts (2MW)

Total kilowatt-hours of electricity produced by Solar PV systems in 2012 3,000,000 kilowatt-hours

Total electricity cost savings from Solar systems by customers in 2012 $360,000 saved

Tons of CO2 prevented from entering atmosphere in 2012 6,000,000 lbs. CO2 prevented

One lump-sum payments yes-puts cash in client’s pockets eliminates risk & uncertainty from SREC market

Successful applications for grants written for clients 34 REAP Grants awarded